Aerial Classes

Ulverston Aerial Fitness offer lessons in Circus Arts such as Pole, Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze and Aerial Hoop.  Classes are small and friendly.
You DO NOT not need any prior experience to attend a class.
By participating in Aerial arts such as Pole, Hoop or Aerial Silks this will help you to gain in strength, tone and increase in confidence as you progress at your own pace.  
You will also meet other like minded students who love being upside down too.  Get ready to take flight...


Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is also known as Fabrics, Tissue or Ribbons and are one of the more popular varieties of Circus Arts.

Dancers can perform many beautiful moves on this apparatus such as lifts, drops, rolls, transitions and poses.  With a reputation for spectacular circus performances across the globe,


Cirque Du Soliel often perform using aerial silks and have amazed audiences everywhere in the world with their grace, technique and talent.

Typically in an aerial silks class you will begin to learn the basics such as how to tie a knot, hip keys, foot locks and climbing to more advanced inverts, transitions and postures.  You will be spotted when necessary and provided with assistance, support and encouragement to help you gain the strength and confidence to progress safely. 


Aerial Silks is a truly fantastic workout which offers freedom of expression, with beautiful movements you can learn.  You will also notice just how much your strength increases with each class by repeating movements such as climbing and combinations.  You do not have to be particularly strong or flexible to start the classes, strength and conditioning will be developed by repetition as you complete the moves during the class.


Your Aerial Silks Instructor has completed the Nimble Arts Foundation in Aerial Course and is working towards the Born to Fly accreditation.


Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop is also known as Lyra or Rings.  Our hoops are suspended from a large beam and have single point fixings.  You will learn how to do an assortment of fabulous holds, balances and postures and how to ensure these moves flow together.  During the class the moves will help to increase your strength and flexibility with regular dedicated practise.   


Learn to pole dance at Ulverston Aerial Fitness.  Pole dancing combines fun and movement, flow, static moves, spins tricks and climbs and it is exciting and challenging way to keep fit.  You do not necessarily need any previous experience to attend the classes so don’t be afraid to give it a try. 

The classes will be more structured towards completing the grades from 1-6 of the PDC syllabus.   Your Pole instructor is qualified to teach Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced pole with Spincity.


Special Classes

Stretch and conditioning classes are the perfect addition to an aerial arts class. These sessions offer a variety of stretches and strength exercises to help you to reach those moves that are just out of your grasp.  


The course comprises of 4- one hour sessions, each target key areas for greater flexibility for splits and back bends whilst also working on strength and stability.   Your instructor is qualified with Spincity Flexibility course.  Classes run on a demand basis.

Master Classes 

We have had the privilege of offering masterclasses with professional aerialists for the past couple of years.  We have welcomed Grace Turner to our studio for workshops in Aerial Silks.  Grace works at Turnaround Dance Theatre and she is also a professional Aerialist.  We hope to welcome her back again along with new guest teachers.