Lesson Policy

(Updated March 2016)


  1. Please arrive ready for the session at least 5 minutes before your lesson is due to begin.

  2. Ensure good housekeeping and don’t leave bags/coats lying around which could cause a trip hazard.

  3. Please refrain from using any lotions (including sun lotion) for 24 hours before the lesson, oils can transfer onto the equipment and make the poles slippy and unsafe.

  4. Students MUST remove all jewellery before the lesson this can damage and scratch the poles and other equipment and also put you at risk of injury if they get caught on anything.  If any jewellery cannot be removed then please see your instructor for some plaster for protection or have it covered prior to your lesson with zinc oxide tape or similar.

  5. Only perform moves you have been taught in a lesson at your level.  Your instructor is not liable for any accidents or injuries sustained during a class; therefore it is important that you only perform moves that you feel safe to do so.

  6. Recreational Classes are available for students for extra practise.  Students must only perform moves that they have been taught in a lesson.  Your instructor is not liable for any accidents or injuries sustained during this class; therefore it is important that you only perform moves that you feel safe to do so.

  7. The aerial equipment such as the gym rings, hoop and silks are available to use for students for strength or flexibility based exercises during the aerial fitness lessons to complement the pole however these extras are not taught as part of a syllabus just yet.

  8. If you are in any doubt about a move please ask your instructor for advice or spotting and use the crash mats provided.

  9. Please aim to listen to your instructor and be fully engaged in the lesson to ensure you get the maximum benefit during your lesson. 

  10. Try not to interrupt anyone on the apparatus or cause distractions unless for safety reasons or offering advice/encouragement on the posture.

  11. Please respect fellow students and your instructor and offer encouragement at all times.

  12. Please listen to your instructors teaching and safety points.

  13. Lessons are currently being charged at an introductory rate of £8.00 per lesson.

  14. Bookings – Students are encouraged to pre book and pay in advance to secure a place in the class using the online tool ‘Team up’ booking system.

  15. Please inform your instructor if you need to cancel a class as soon as possible and use the online booking system ‘Team up’ to do so.  Please do not use apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook to cancel a lesson, these are not checked as regularly. 

  16. Cancellation received within 24 hours of the class will not be refunded.

  17. Refunds for a class are only available if notice is given in advance of 24 hours before class.  Refunds will be given within 14 days.

  18. A No show will result in you losing the opportunity to reserve and book a place in future without paying in advance.

  19. Please wear suitable clothing for aerial fitness, such as shorts, vest tops and leggings, classes are usually performed in bare foot.  Warm clothes should be brought for stretching and cooling down.  Extra layers such as leggings and long sleeve tops for using the hoop and aerial silks apparatus may be more comfortable for the student.

  20. Students must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the lesson.

  21. Students are responsible for cleaning the poles regularly before, during and after use.

  22. Grip aids may be used, however please ensure these are cleaned off the pole after use.

  23. Please tidy any equipment safely away after you have used it.

  24. People are NOT allowed to ‘watch’ lessons; all present members of the class must be actively participating in the lesson.

  25. Classes are for adults only.

  26. Lesson timetable – Expected changes to the timetable or class cancellations will be communicated to students at a lesson at least a week prior to the date.  Students that have pre-paid will be notified and refunded in full for any cancellations made by Ulverston Aerial Fitness. 

  27. Look out for notifications on the Facebook Page ‘Ulverston Aerial Fitness’ for any unexpected notifications regarding changes to class times and dates to keep up to date, if you have registered with Team up you will be notified immediately of any changes to scheduled classes to your registered email address if you have booked on a particular class.

  28. The Ulverston Aerial Fitness Facebook page will advertise any new classes or extra classes available and the group ‘this girl can pole’ has been created as a friendly forum for students to communicate and share their successes with each other.

  29. If you do not want your photograph using for any social media purposes, please let your instructor know.  Photographs may be used to show students hard work, dedication and progression on the ‘Ulverston Aerial Fitness’ Facebook Page or ‘This girl can Pole’ Facebook Group page. 

  30. Please leave any comments and feedback from classes either verbally or written with your instructor.